Self-acceptance is embracing yourself as you truly are, regardless of your past and mistakes. Being self-aware plays a huge role in self-acceptance. As you gain knowledge about yourself, you will start to accept and improve areas where you lack confidence.

Being able to accept your true self takes a lot of work. You have to be able to understand who you are. Self-acceptance also involves the fact that you may have to step outside of your comfort zone and face some of your biggest fears. It’s about being able to create a distinction from who you are from what you’ve done. It’s about understanding that everyone isn't perfect, and to be able to learn and grow from there.

Accepting yourself doesn’t mean that you love every aspect of yourself. That will be possible eventually with self-love. It that you will be able to experience everything you think, feel or do, even if that doesn't always feel great to you. If you don’t start to truly accept who you are, you will feel bad about yourself in certain situations.

As women, we might feel pressured sometimes to be perfect. But perfection doesn't exist. Everyone has insecurities in certain aspects of their lifes. We all have certain parts of our bodies that we are less comfortable about. But with time, you will start to simply accept those things as they are. You might even learn to embrace the beauty in them. Because after all, being perfectly imperfect is the greatest gift the universe has given us. We are all so unique and special and that is what makes this world such a beautiful place to live in. Stop comparing yourself to others and start giving compliments. Start seeing the beauty in yourself and others. It is all about the perspective in life, if you believe that everything is beautiful inside out, from your environment to other beings that surround you, you will feel blessed daily.

There will always be someone, somewhere who is prettier, smarter and more successful than you are. That doesn't mean they are better than you. There are things that you excel at that other people wish they could do. Learn to focus on your strengths and NEVER doubt yourself. You are amazing.  

You will never need to be perfect to have absolute confidence and to be happy, it is only a mental shift in your attitude towards yourself.

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