Booteca, a brand to embrace women.

At Booteca, our mission is to inspire women to live up to their fullest potential in all areas of life, to stop thinking small and start believing that anything (or almost...) is possible in life.

We believe that an incredible life starts with a healthy body, one in which you feel amazing. Health is definitely the new wealth. Over the years, we've created an amazing community of powerful women that are focused on their goals and their dreams.

Women who dare to dream big, women who dare to have dreams that are much greater than themselves and that want to leave a positive legacy for our future generations.

Join the movement today and realize that you can live your dream life as well!  


Meet the founder:

Hi love, my name is Rebecca.

I am a 21 year old French Canadian woman currently living in Mexico.

I have always been passionate about health & fitness since a very young age.

My goal is to help women achieve the best ever version of themselves. I want to inspire you ladies to love yourselves, inside-out for who you truly are.  I believe that we all have a gift. We are all so unique and that we should fully appreciate that and make the best out of it. 

Let's focus on all the BEAUTY surrounding us every single day. Let's focus on all the amazing things that are happening in our lives every single day.


A huge thank you for all of you that have been supporting us since the very beginning. I am so grateful to have an amazing BOOTECA community. I cannot wait to grow this brand even more and have a bigger impact in this world.

Together, let's inspire more and more women to shine like we all should. 

Love you all so much xxx