Booteca, a brand to embrace feminity.

At Booteca, our main focus is to make you feel absolutely amazing while working out by offering you beautiful, high-quality, activewear pieces. We want to inspire as many women as possible to incorporate healthy habits in their lifestyle. We sincerely believe that health is the basis in order to enjoy everything else in life.

We are constantly innovating in our materials and designs since we want you to have unique pieces for the unique women you are. We offer a minimalist collection because Booteca believes that you shouldn't be wasting your time trying to figure out your outfit. Your workout clothes should be very versatile, easy and simple to match with so that it saves you time, which you utilize in your workout session.

Note to self:

Never forget that your health is YOUR responsibility and yours only. No one else will take care of your body except you. So it is up to you to start making healthy choices. Once you begin the journey of exercising, you will realize that not only you will change your body, your mind, attitude and mood will also benefit from it.



Meet the founder:

Hello beautiful, my name is Rebecca. I am the proud founder of Booteca.

I have always been passionate about health & fitness since a very young age.

My goal is to help women achieve the best ever version of themselves. I want to inspire you ladies to love yourselves, inside-out for who you truly are.  I believe that we all have a gift. We are all so unique and that we should fully appreciate that and make the best out of it. 

Let's focus on all the BEAUTY surrounding us every single day. Let's focus on all the amazing things that are happening in our lives.


A huge thank you for all of you that have been supporting us since the very beginning. I am so grateful to have an amazing BOOTECA community. Can't wait to make a bigger impact on this world and inspire more and more women to shine like we all should. 

Love you all so much xxx