About Us

Booteca is a brand for women made by  women.

We focus on all different shapes and sizes because to us, it is what makes every single one of you so unique. Our main goal is to inspire you to incorporate healthy habits in your lifestyle. Loving yourself and becoming a healthier version of you, day after day, is what truly matters in life. 

No matter where you currently are, whether you are already active or not, the importance is that you simply make a step forward day after day towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Therefore, we make sure to offer your the highest quality of activewear so that you can feel amazing as soon as you put your Booteca clothes on. We are always innovating in our materials and designs since we want you to have unique pieces for the unique women you are 

Little Note to self: Never forget that your health is YOUR responsibility and yours only. No one else will take care of your body except you. So it is up to you to start making healthy choices. Once you begin the journey of exercising, you will realize that not only you will change your body, your mind, attitude and mood will also benefit from it.



Meet the founder:

Hello beautiful, my name is Rebecca. I am the proud founder of Booteca. I have always been passionate about fitness since a very young age. Did a lot of yoyo-ing with my weight during the past 5 years. I grew up with a WONDERFUL loving mama, the best you could ever ask for. The only thing is that she would always put everyone before herself. She forgot to take care of her. That made me so sad realizing that while growing up, I felt like I wanted to change that for the my children and all the next generations. 

I want women take time for themselves. To learn truly fall in love with the beautiful women you have become over the years. Even if it a hell of a challenge sometimes, I believe that you must put yourself as a priority if you want to help others.

During my early teens, I went through a hole process of being obsessed by my weight: counting every single calorie I was putting in my body, undernourishing it, weighting my self every single morning to make sure I was at 100 pounds.


I was literally obsessed by the way I looked. This was such a dark period in my life. I didn't know who I was, I was trying to find myself and I felt like the only thing I could actually control was my weight. I was trying to look like famous girls on social media.

A few years passed by and I gained weight. I went crazy over unhealthy foods that I used to avoid before. I ate a lot of my anxiety.  And then I realized I completely lost control.

I went through a few yoyo-ing phases like these till one day I realized that I needed to start loving myself truly, unconditionally. I started making healthier choices from a loving point. I stopped obsessing by the way I looked on the outside and started focusing my energies on the inside, on my mental health.

And now, my mission is to help as many women as possible to love themselves, inside-out for who they really are. We all have our pasts but now, let's focus on all the BEAUTY surrounding us every single day. Let's focus on all the amazing things that are happening in our lives.


A huge thank you for all of you that have been supporting me since the very beginning. I am so grateful to have an amazing BOOTECA community. Can't wait to make a bigger impact on this world and inspire more and more women to shine like we all should. 

Mama is now working on a better, healthier version of herself.

Love you all so much xxx