Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health is so important. To be perfectly healthy you have to make sure your body is going well inside out. Here are a few tips to help you be healthy on the inside.

1. Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is so important for our wellbeing. It has been proven that a good night of sleep has numerous benefits to our health and cognitive performance. A good night's sleep improves attention and alertness. It also helps with memory, creativity, and insight. Make sure to always have a good and recovering night of sleep by avoiding these common mistakes we often make:

-Avoid screen time 90 minutes before going to bed

-Develop a night routine you repeat every night before you go to bed, this will help avoid the confusion of our bodies internal clock

-Avoid all products that contain caffeine before going to bed, this might sound obvious but do not consume coffee a few hours before you go to bed.  

2. Laugh Often

Laughter is a stress-reducer, immunity-booster, heart-helper, and confidence-builder. It increases your overall sense of well-being. Doctors have found that people who have a positive outlook on life tend to fight diseases better than people who tend to be more negative. Search for the humor or irony in every situation and laugh it off. And smile, you deserve to be happy! So smile, laugh, and live longer.

"Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine."

— George Gordon Byron


It has been shown that exercise helps to improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Isn't that amazing? It doesn't matter how intense your workout is. It seems that your mood can benefit from exercise no matter the intensity of the physical activity. Daily exercise also helps increase the production of hormones that make you feel happier and help you sleep better.

Learn to incorporate daily exercise into your routine. It doesn't necessarily need to be the gym, it can be a walk with your dog, a bike ride to work, swimming in your pool, practicing a quick yoga routine, the possibilities are endless. Stop procrastinating and get started today.  

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health."

4. Time Off Social Media

Every single day, social media user number continues to grow. The average person spends at least 1 hour 30 minutes per day looking at their phones. It is very indicative of the current social and business culture. Even if your work requires you to be available at all time during your work hours on these platforms, doesn't mean it is necessarily healthy. You might actually consider doing a little detox over the weekend or during a vacation.

Some studies have discovered that most people who use social media end up comparing themselves to all the people they follow. This can have a very negative impact on your self-esteem.

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