Reconnect With Your True Self

Reconnect With Your True Self

Are you the kind of person with a crazy lifestyle: too many things to do compared to the time you have to actually execute does, always super busy and you feel like you never actually have some time for yourself? NOW is the time to stop, relax and continue reading this article to change your life.

Now a day, it is so easy to get stuck in our routine. Often, our biggest fear is to look back at our lives in ten or twenty years and to realize that we were so caught up in getting the usual things done that we completely forgot to focus on what is really important in our lives. From spirituality to friends and family we often don't take time to prioritize what really matters to us truly. 

Here are 5 easy ways to reconnect with yourself today

Leave your phone away

This may sound crazy. You might ask yourself how you will survive. How you will be able to work and get in touch with everyone. We are addicted to our phones now a day. Take some time off, is key to spending some quality time reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones. Start by giving it a try only for a few hours. When you go to bed tonight, leave your cell phone in the kitchen. And then, tomorrow when you will wake up, take some time to be grateful for the life you have, enjoy the little things and continue without it for a few hours. This is a life changer! You can also try to go a weekend without it. Leave it in a drawer on Friday night and don't take it till Monday morning. That way, you will spend more quality time during the weekend. 

 Spend some quality time with yourself 

As humans, we love to be surrounded by other beings. We thrive on connections and sharing our space with others that add a meaning to our lives. This gives us our sense of accomplishment in life. We love to have a purpose and to serve others. Therefore, it becomes very easy to forget to think about ourselves in those circumstances. We forget that we are whole as one and start forgetting to do activities that make us happy. This week, schedule some time for yourself on your agenda. Think about 3 things that make you truly happy and do them. It is simple as that. I will help you feel a lot more centered with yourself and you will be more connected with you afterward. 

Go on a Walk 

I recently learned about walking meditations. Sitting down for an extended amount of time has made meditation alone really difficult for me, but I love to walk. I use my walk as a time to get out of my own head and just be. Even if I just have 10 minutes in the middle of the day, this is a great way for me to manage my stress levels and focus on something else besides my to-do list. If walking in complete silence doesn’t sound like your jam listen to an inspiring podcast, a book, or any type of music that normally gets you thinking. 


Be at peace with your past

Learning to accept your past for what it may be a very challenging thing for a lot of us, especially those who lived traumatic or heartbreaking events in their lives. Simply start today by acknowledging your feeling, without judgment. There is no right or wrong way to do this. 

Question Yourself

The difference in the quality our lives often comes down to the difference in the questions we ask ourselves daily. If you ask a disempowering question — such as, “Why does this always happen to me?” — you will look for an answer, your subconscious may even make negative thoughts up, such as “Because you aren’t good enough” or “Because you are not smart enough.”

But if you start asking yourself empowering questions, such as “How can I learn from this experience and appreciate myself even more?” your brain will come up with an answer that will make you feel better about yourself.

Learn to develop a pattern of questions that empower your true nature. Over time, as you practice asking quality questions to yourself, you will be able to create pure happiness and reconnect with your true inner self.

Where are a few questions you can ask yourself and reflect on: 


  •     What am I deeply grateful about in my life?

  •     What am I deeply proud about in my life?

  •     What am I deeply happy about in my life?

  •     What am I enjoying most in my life?

  •     What am I fully committed to in my life?

  •     Who do I love? 


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