Simplify your life

Simplify your life

We are all trying to live a better healthier life. What if a simplified life all started by the way we are organized? Want to live a life with less clutter your my mind, body, and surroundings. Most of us find our selves at peace and full when we simplify our lives. Living in calm moments and caring for ourselves. In the following article, you will find simple hacks to improve your life day after day. 


We all have our own busy schedules. This life can get a little crazy and run away from us sometimes, which leads to stress and feeling overwhelmed before we are even aware of it happening. Let's be honest, we can all relate to this situation. However, there is a simple solution to remove this unwanted stress from your life! Sometimes we simply have to take a step back and simplify things a little to make our lives so much better. 


Here are the 10 rules to live by to live a simple and happy life: 


  1. Prioritize, Make a list of 5 most important things in your life. When life gets really busy and stressful, get back to that list and if it isn't in your top 5 reconsider the time you are spending on this task. This will help reduce your stress level. 
  2. Meditate, Try incorporating ten to twenty minutes of meditation each day. Take time to breathe mindfully: deeply and slowly. It will help you establish a deeper connection with your inner-self.
  3. Eat that frog, do your least favorite tasks first. Get the most important tasks out of your way first so it won't occupy a place in your mind while you are doing things you actually enjoy doing. Make a list of 3 most important tasks that should be done today and do those tasks first.  
  4. Downsize and reduce your belongings.  You can drastically improve the quality of your life and reduce your stress by downsizing. The fewer things you have, the less you need to worry about replacing or spending money on. It will drastically help cut stress and worries. 
  5. Eliminate toxic people from your life. Have friends that don't actually add value to your life? Maybe it is a family member that is always negative? You need to concentrate your energies on positive peoples. Life is way too short to deal with toxic people indefinitely. Explain to them that if they do not change you will have to stop seeing them. 
  6. Learn to say NO. Ask yourself if you really want to do it, if you really feel like attempting a certain event. If the answer is more negative than positive, learn to say no. This means learning to say no to a social engagement, to baking desserts for a potluck, to a project at work or what so ever. Say no when you truly don't believe this will add value to your life. Learn to say yes to wonderful opportunities that will change your life positively.  
  7. Budget and pay off your debts. Debts involve lots of complication in life. MAke time to develop a plan and budget. You may think this will take you lots of work but in reality, it will save you time, stress and money. Eliminating debts is one of the most effective ways to simplify your life. Once everything is paid off, you will have a great satisfaction feeling and you can be proud of yourself for that. 
  8. Incorporate some physical activity in your daily routine. Feel like you don't have time to workout? We all spend more than 10-20 minutes per day on social media. Why not invest that time into physical activity, it can be simple things as 10 minutes stretching session, riding your bike to work or simply, a walk around the block. Be creative. We can always find a way to incorporate physical activity into our lives. It will make you feel so good. 
  9. Spend time outdoors. There are no better ways to realize that life is very simple than to connect with something greater than you. Whether it is a camping trip or a walk in a park near you, take time to reconnect with nature, it will help you see that in life, the simplest things are often the most beautiful
  10. Ask for help when needed. This is very different for each and every single one of us. This can mean asking a little extra help at work, getting someone to help you clean the house, putting your kids at daycare twice a week. Stop trying to do everything by yourself. Learn to delegate to the right persons and this will take so much stress off your shoulders.


It has now become more important than ever to start making simple changes in our habits and lifestyle. By simplifying, you will drastically change your life by becoming a better and healthier version yourself. Learn to take one step at a time and one day you will look back and see how far you have come. 

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