The amazing powers of meditation

The amazing powers of meditation

Meditation is a wonderful popular discipline even if there is a general misconception about it.  In fact, many people have a wrong idea about the process of meditation. With meditation the goal is not to delete or block the thoughts, which would lead to an immediate abandonment of the practice due to its impossibility; rather, the exercise seeks the mind to enter into relationship with the Absolute: thus the thoughts pass and circulate, but the mind simply observes them, without engaging with them. In this way, we can intelligently select the thoughts with which we decided to get involved and, thanks to these, forge our emotions.  But what is meditation really about and what are its amazing powers? Let’s find it out together. When meditating we enter a state of inner silence, the only circumstance in which we can find the voice of our Higher Self and connect with the Universal Mind. There are many meditation techniques, although it does not matter which of them we use. The main thing is that they allow us to reach communion with our true Self and with the Source.


Meditation is not isolation, it is not just for hermits or for people who choose to withdraw from society. On the contrary, it is much more useful and brings greater benefits to those who live in society every day, surrounded by tensions and stresses of all kinds.


It is not taking itself seriously. It is a serious matter thanks to the benefits it gives us, but it is not a rigid or dogmatic thing, which follows a certain type of scheme.


No, it's not like that ... In fact, the moment you sit down the thoughts do not disappear but they all gather at the same time in your head, apparently, preventing you from meditating.


Do you want to know the secret instead? All of this is normal part of meditation!


All this happens only because you are usually always distracted and you never listen to yourself. And so when you finally sit down 15 .. 30 minutes in silence and start listening to yourself, all the thoughts stick together in your head like the water in the neck of a bottle backhanded.


It is a very normal thing and it is a sign that you are taking the first steps in meditation.

 Meditation is consciousness, meditation is awareness. Meditation is not detaching, the opposite. It is to get in touch with our being, it is to connect to the present and to watch everything around you, without making you emotionally influenced. Apparently, nothing happens and maybe it also irritates you. But only apparently because in your mind you are actually already starting to build the path of a good habit full of benefits, and of this, if you are connected to a machine that detects brainwaves you will immediately notice, just after you have taken 30 minutes for yourself, to meditate. If like most of us, you do not have such a device at hand, you will see the benefits later when the path is firmer. But you will see them. 

The powers of meditations: the list

·      Noticeable reduction of stress.

·      Increase in self-esteem

·      High levels of concentration and productivity

·      Increase in creativity.

·      Mental clarity

·      Positive mind

·      Greater sense of well-being and happiness.

·      Recovery of the feeling of marveling at life.

·      Awakening to gratitude.

·      Ease of living in the present time.

·      Openness to life.·      Reduction of addictions.

·      Self-cleaning of the blood and facilitated healing of the body (at deep levels of meditation)

·      Decrease in depressive states.

·      Greater kindness with yourself.

·      Greater kindness with others.

·      Development of an inner strength.

·      Reduction of mental chatter

·      Improvement of sleep and the benefits of a good sleep.

·      New vision of life.

·      Natural achievement of your goals. Greater powers of meditation 

·      It helps to control and transcend the waves of the mind and, thus, allows the flow of radiance from the soul.

·      Create a communication between you and your mind, and between your mind and your body, through refined patterns in use and practice.

·      It acts on the upper palate of the mouth, where there are energetic meridians that control the autonomic system and the impulses of the primitive brain and the limbic system (meditation that uses mantras)

·      Develop a neutral (meditative) mind

·      It takes us from a finite perception of reality to an infinite one, by connecting us with the clarity of the soul.

·      It drives our perfect understanding of Who We Are.

·      Develop intuition.

·      It fosters the ability to focus energy, thus intensifying efficiency.

·      Promotes clarity of mind, normal awareness and ability to be in the present.

·      Dissolves the main emissions of stress-producing patterns.

·      It develops the frontal lobe, the part controlling our personality.


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