Yoga and all it's benefits

Yoga and all it's benefits

Have you ever tried yoga? Do you think it is only reserved for fit women? In the following article, we will discuss all the great benefits of yoga. 

Yoga doesn't only have benefits on your body, it also helps for your peace of mind. For your body, it has many benefits such as : 

- Increases your core strength
-Lowers blood pressure
-Helps manage weight
- Improves digestion
-Improves circulation 
-Detoxifies your body
-Reliefs pain and tension in the body
-Improves your posture

-Increases immunity 

As you can see above the benefits of including as low as 20 minutes of yoga in your daily routine can drastically change your lifestyle and your health. You will also notice lots of benefits concerning your mental health such as: 

-Increase in self-acceptance 
-Improves concentration 
-Neutralizes stress
-Improves memory
-Increases mental awareness
-Helps you stay in the present moment 
-Balances brain hemispheres 

We can really say that yoga helps you live a healthier life from the inside out.  

Have you ever tried yoga and didn't like it? Did you know that there is lots of style of yoga? You can find one that suits you for sure.

Take my quiz to decide which type of #yoga to practice today, based off your mood, energy level and your desire to try something different.

Namaste xxx

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